Make Your Own Pinnies

Learn How To Save Cash And Make Your Own Pinnies

Standard lax vests may not seem not expensive items but, when buying for a squad, the cost can soon mount up. With each costing $5 upwards, many squads struggle. In a few simple steps though, it is quite simple to make your own pinnies.

To make one pinnie takes a piece of cloth about 30 inches wide by 15 inches in length.

So, all you need do is buy a length of cloth suitable for however squad members you have, For example, a standard squad of 12 will need a piece of cloth 450 inches square. Once bought, the cloth should be cut into strips which are 30 x 15. This should leave 24 separate pieces of cloth.

To do this, take 2 pieces of cloth, fold in half, sew together and cut a semi-circle into the folded cloth. This creates the nOnce the lengths of cloth have been prepared, it will be time to make your own pinnies.

Neck hole and should be about 7.5 inches wide, and go 3 inches deep.

If desired, it is also possible to introduce elastic sides or ties into the sides of the vests. This allows for a little more movement for each player but, may make them more likely to be damaged and wear out quicker, particularly if being used for junior teams.

Because of the nature of lacrosse, it is important to buy a cloth which will not fray and is resilient. Consider something like a double-knit woven polyester. Often to be found in discount carts, it also comes in bright colors which is great too.

The total cost of the operation to make your own pinnies this way

other than your time, should work out at less than ten bucks for the squad. Considering that a single vest in a store costs somewhere around ten bucks individually, this is a huge saving.


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